Solitary Confinement, Week Three

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Hello to all average citizens, storm troopers, ice-bears, dwarfs, cat-people, etc. If you’ve stumbled here, read, don’t read, enjoy, don’t enjoy.

Solitary Confinement continues for the third week in a row (woo-hoo!, fanfare!) and so I don’t lose my mind I’ve decided to start writing a blog. (Why am I in solitary confinement? No, no, no one’s holding me here against my will. It’s just a ‘SCHOOL FREAKING SUCKS, I HATE EVERYTHING, I HATE MY LIFE, THINGS SUCK’ kind of thing. I’m really okay. Really. I’m just fine.) I don’t know what people expect out of blogs, exactly, but you’ll find no interesting videos, captivating pictures, or insightful commentary here. Here, yes, you will find a bored girl with nothing better to do. Wow. I blew my own mind there… a bored girl with nothing better to do… it’s like that million dollar idea.

Anyways, I expect I’ll have funny things to write about, since my life is a first-rate kind-of-amusing teen drama TV series, minus things like having lots of fun, and parties, and football, and whatever those kind-of-amusing teen dramas are usually about. But though highlights of my current life are few, I have a good enough outlook on things to be faintly amusing, at least I hope.

Highlights? Well, a cat named PK who licks pictures, knocks over juice boxes to eat the straws, probably pushed my dvd of Howl’s Moving Castle into the back of the TV unit with his nose like he pushed all the other dvds, gets his head stuck in all the wrong places and has had multiple romantic relationships with ribbon. Another highlight is my group of friends, who all converge on the Wii at lunch time every day, since the friend whose house we go to lives just down the block from school. Among the group, a four-foot-something black belt who looks like he could be sat on and squished but who could beat the living crap out of every single football player on the school team, the fifth Beatle, (he even kind of looks like George Harrison, actually), a Star Wars aficionado who wants to be cool but doesn’t realize he makes a great nerd, a little budding satirist who’ll have his version of the Today Show in fifteen years, a guy who drinks far too much Red Bull even for your average rhinoceros, a nice, small fellow who looks like a nerd, even down to his pair of glasses, and then me, the girl. Now that’s a pretty good group of fourteenish-year-olds, good enough for a short-running TV series, maybe. (Is HBO listening? You won’t be sorry, guys.)

But where’s the interest? Why would you want to read my blog? Well! If anyone actually likes this stuff so far, then I promise you in the future you’ll see long accounts of my cat’s misadventures, sorry tales of the misfit group of boys I am a part of, maybe even bits of the novels I write. I might throw in a book review or two, even.

So, back to Solitary Confinement I go. Maybe eventually I’ll head back to that… oh, I forgot what it’s called again… DAD? DAD, WHAT’S THAT PLACE WHERE YOU GO TO… YOU KNOW… LEARN STUFF? IS IT A MONASTERY? OR NO? DAD, I’M TRYING TO YELL UP AT YOU.

All the best, and all the worst, and all the sort-of-good-but-not-really, yours truly or untruly, OnceaBasementDog.

-I think I’ll put something in the ‘tags’ thing, just in case that means it’ll be easier for people to find my blog and read my nonsense. But what sort of tags could possibly describe this? What the heck… I’ll write ‘sports and literature’… mm-hm.



2 comments on “Solitary Confinement, Week Three

  1. Wouldn't you like to know? says:

    FYI – you have a few readers in the Middle East. Keep it up.

  2. Nate says:

    Starwars is the best, your friend seems really awesome

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