Rambling, Annoyed-ly, About Online Video Games

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Hello to all… oh, fudge, I’m too annoyed to think of a bunch of quirky things. You know, I thought I’d be happy today, since I got to spend most of it staring avidly at my grandparents’ new, ginormously beautiful computer– oh, it’s so much better than the old one, which was screaming in its last moments, “BZZZZUUUU!”– and it’s a lonely, spring-like, blue-skied day, the kind of day I usually really like. But I’m suddenly annoyed, and I’m not sure why– it might be because after cutting down a hundred stupid trees my tree-cutting level is still only twelve, (it took FOREVER to get enough levels for canoe-making, holy CRAP, I’m telling you!) and besides my lowly tree-cutting level, my fire-making level, and my cooking level are all still pathetically novice. The only thing I have a good level in is my ‘constitutions’. Who freaking cares about that? So I haven’t murdered innocent people, apparently my constitutions benefit from this. But the upside is that the cool black wizard hat was only two coins and it looks cool on my bearded, handsomely digital adventure man.

Who understood all that? I’m sorry if you’ve already lost interest, but I had to get it all out. I’ll explain– I’ve been living in the world of Runescape for much of today and all of Sunday. This, to the unlearned, is an online roleplaying game where you cut trees and eat crayfish and slay vampires and things. It’s a nice way to spend Solitary Confinement, (see previous blog entry-thingies), and it’s pretty engrossing, all that tree-cutting and canoe-making and constitutions-enhancing. See, I started out as a thief, but I couldn’t bring myself to kill innocent people and steal things, so I shifted over to the side of good-constitutions adventurer who doesn’t kill chickens like the rest of the Runescape people. I don’t kill calves, I kill the grown-up cows when I need cowhides to make into leather; I don’t murder innocent people, either, except once by accident I swung my battle-axe at some lady, though I ran away quickly and felt bad about it.

Anyway, in the future I aspire to enhance my tree-cutting level so I can cut down those stupid oak trees and willow trees that I’m never a high enough level to cut down. (Here the blogger shivers with suppressed rage.) I’m also still seeking the evasive shield shop, because I need a better shield since my current shield is a dumb wooden square. I’ll find it one day. And I’ve been buying weapons like mad– first the iron longsword, then I sold it and bought the black longsword, (I shouldn’t have, it was a fortune, but it looked so pretty). After that, a sickle-type thing, and just a few hours ago a lovely iron battle-axe, which I accidently sliced the lady with. The wizard hat was my most productive buy, and it looks just plain amazing on the head of my adventurer man.

I’ve got a chicken to turn back into a man, a vampire to kill, and cowhides to turn into leather… so I’ll sign out now.

Yours very untruly! Onceabasementdog.

-I’m sorry about all that… I’m sure there was something so much more interesting I could’ve written about; but it evades me yet. The next entry will blow your mind! Blow! Bllllllow it!


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