Old Computer Games, Lonely Spring Break

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Hello to all empty bowls of chocolate-raspberry ice cream, dusty, kind of  sticky trading cards found under old piles of papers, and Rocky Balboa posters on basement walls.

I went for a bike ride today, since spring has finally managed to crawl out from the stupid nine-month-long Canadian winter. I journeyed to look at all the pretty houses between our neighborhood and the lake, under a grey March sky. Crows kept flying over me for some reason. I don’t know how to take that. In several movies I know of, crows are evil people in disguise, and I’ve heard they’re also bringers of death, omens of some sort. I also almost ran over a squirrel. I almost expected some guy in a dark cloak to appear and ask me if I would like to consider the dark side. It was a strange outing.

Anyway, it’s spring break– or at least, I assume it is, but since every day is a ‘break’ for me, it wouldn’t change anything anyway. All my immediate friends are away on various trips: the Star Wars aficionado is off to Chicago, that or he’s going to perform in Chicago, but I think the former’s more likely.  The karate master is away, and George Harrison is somewhere. I keep having to remind myself calling your friend once every minute is kind of strange, and I don’t want them to find ‘Three thousand and fifty two missed calls’ on their phone when they get back from wherever they are. So I just called him twice and let it go at that. And then tomorrow I’ll call him the rest of the three thousand and fifty times so it’ll be nice and spaced out and not seem so weird.

But anyway, without friends things are kind of boring. I’m usually bored, anyway, but being bored when I have a chance not to be bored is quite different. So, I’ve given myself over to the world of King’s Quest! What is King’s Quest, you ask? Why, it’s only the most incredible series of Sierra games ever made. Nobody born in the last ten years knows it exists, but I’m the exception, I guess. Anyway, that’s how the past day has been spent, happily roaming the countryside of Llewdor, or whatever it is– turning into birds, poisoning evil wizards, and escaping from inside a whale. You would be surprised if I told you how much fun there is in 16-color computer games that came out on floppy disks and Commodore 64s.

Before I sign out and get back to my wizard-poisoning, I should add that the title of this blog reminded me weirdly and rather disturbingly of a Harlequin romance novel my aunt got my mom a few years ago, ‘Willful Wife, Passionate Greek’. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but it was something like that. It’s not like I ever looked at it or anything.

Enjoy your spring break, blog-reader– remember to spread the word of Onceabasementdog any and every way you can– if you know a friend who has one of those airplanes that can make letters in the sky, ask him to do that–  a nice, big, easy-to-read WWW.ONCEABASEMENTDOG.WORDPRESS.COM, and then if you have time, make t-shirts and sell them, and give the money to charity– then, get together all your friends– all thirty four of them– and paint big red letters on your chests at the next football or baseball game you attend. If you happen to know Elton John or Aretha Franklin– or hey, both– ask them if they could write a song about my blog. Then, walk around your nearest big city with a megaphone. You get the idea.

Yours truly sincerely untruly, Onceabasementdog.


One comment on “Old Computer Games, Lonely Spring Break

  1. I really need to buy a megaphone. I’ve thought that for a while, but now it seems that all the signs point to it being a must. Ooh.


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