Do Not Sing and Dance to Arcade Fire in Front of a Window

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hello to all burnt-out streetlights, old folks, next-door neighbors, and older brothers.

I’m sure there are many lessons to learn in life. I’ve learned a few of them already, but today I learned a new one:If you’re going to sing and dance along to Arcade Fire, don’t do it in front of a window.

Why? Because neighbors are nosy people, that’s why. The strange painter woman who lives next door was going to her car, I guess, and meanwhile I was going mildly insane in my room dancing to some Arcade Fire songs. Not only was the curtain draw back, the window was also open. So I believe she not only saw me dancing like a lunatic but also heard me singing like a lunatic. Now, I’m a pretty decent singer, at least. I’m sure she enjoyed my ear-splitting rendition of Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels). But am I a good dancer? Er… well, I’m awfully good at ‘improvisational contemporary.’ 

Anyway, when I chanced to look out the window, there she was: staring at me.

Well, look, I’ve seen her painting weird modern art in her living room once or twice. Besides, she’s actually crazy, I think: me, I just looked crazy. And honestly, you see someone enjoying some Arcade Fire songs, you don’t stare at them: this is what I choose to do on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and who is she to judge me, or gape at me? I’m just a stir-crazy girl finding something to do whilst stuck in Solitary Confinement.

I feel a little silly anyway. It’s probably the birthday cake and enormous bottle of Sprite I had today that inspired that Arcade Fire-dance fest.

But you know, it’s good to be weird. Dancing seizure-like to your favorite songs is cool. Among the other crazy things I do (like biking to the river just to read Frankenstein in a tree), this one isn’t so high on the weird scale. Anyways, I wish you an excellent miserably rainy Tuesday (or how is it where you are, Blog-Reader? Maybe you’re sitting on a balcony in San Diego or lying on a beach in Florida. Want to come live in a bleak, cold climate of the north where it snows in April? Huh? Huh?)

WordPress thinks it’s Wednesday, but WordPress also offered a tag for Mongolia on my last blog post– so it’s not always right.

Yours insert-something-quirky-here, Onceabasementdog.


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