Stupid Questions Ask Is Asking Me

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

All right, I couldn’t help writing about this, so approximately two minutes after my last blog post here comes the stupid question an ad just asked me.
“Was the Titanic real?”
Oh, no, this isn’t the first stupid question the ‘Ask’ ads have asked me. Once it wanted to know if vampires were real. Oh, just a moment, I’ll ask THAT FIVE YEAR OLD I KNOW.
Also I’ve seen “Where is Justin Bieber right now?” I don’t know, Ask, and I don’t care. Do YOU know? Are you tracking him? Do you have a network of informants following his every move?

The disturbing part of this is that somebody MUST feel inclined to click on those ads. So somewhere out there there’s someone who doesn’t know if vampires or the Titanic are real. Or where Justin Bieber is for that matter. Well, actually, Justin Bieber is on the Titanic with a bunch of vampires.
Yours sincerely, Onceabasementdog.
(Ask asks: is Onceabasementdog real? NO SHE’S A BLOGGING-CAPABLE CONSPIRACY!)


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