What Is Boredom?

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Hello to all never-played mandolins, lamp shades, and cats disappearing from trees.

What is boredom? What is it really? The dictionary defines it as, The state of being bored; tedium, ennui. Well, I don’t know what exactly ‘ennui’ is, but I agree that it’s tedious. For the last, oh, say, six months I’ve been in a state of boredom, which is so boring as to be lingering at the edges of ennui. There’s so little to do around here when you’re more or less afraid of the Outside World and your activity is confined to bike rides and playing guitar and blogging. I could see my friends, but I’ve already tried biking past George Harrison’s house, and last time I went by the car wasn’t there and all the curtains were drawn, so either they’re away somewhere or vampires have invaded. I should’ve went to see the Karate Master on Tuesday but it was so hot and I was so bored that I couldn’t bring myself to.

Anyway. I’m such a pro when it comes to boredom that I could write a book about it. I could write a whole novel in prose.

What am I, but bored?

These tedious feelings, in summer days stored.

I wish I had hobbies,

So… er… I could visit some lobbies…

And in this state of ennui,

I must climb a tree,

Otherwise lose all my sanity,

Which I would like to keep, out of vanity.

Right now I’m having trouble writing stuff. I mean, ‘trouble’ writing stuff for me is like, Oh no, I can’t sit down and spew out thirty pages! but it’s still annoying. I want to get back into a book and stuff, and the fact that I can’t only adds to the enormous tedium that’s going around here in Onceabasementdogville.

Want to hear a joke? Okay. The girl was SO bored that she started writing sentences JUST to write sentences.

Ha ha ha.

Last night I had a three-part dream that I was on a hockey team, then a baseball team, then playing a character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’m pretty sure I was the fairy queen. Not like I go around wishing I was a fairy queen– I don’t know where that came from.

In other news, at least tomorrow is Thursday, (though unfortunately today it remains Wednesday), and I’ll be packing my bags for the Mother’s house, and there I’ve got my Hunger Games rip-off book to keep writing. I hope the writing dry spell goes away by then. By the way, the last entry had like, a KABILLION likes. Seriously, a kabillion. And I have no idea how! But it’s awesome! Thank you!

Here’s another joke for you: the blogger was SO bored that she was tempted to keep this blog entry going even LONGER, by inserting more prose from the Book of Boredom, but then she decided nobody would want to hear that, so, yours as always very untruly, ~Onceabasementdog

That’s not a joke. What the heck am I saying?


What is fun?

The idea I shun!

I am employed in the art of tedium,

Which begs some sort of bearable medium

Should I  start up a hobby?

That involves visiting lobbies?

Or should I dwell in the art

That has no end and no start,

We crossed the ford-um

And on the other side, found more boredom.


3 comments on “What Is Boredom?

  1. 9 bloggers is not a kabillion. I admit I’m not sure how many a kabillion actually is, but I’m gonna hazard a wild guess that it is not a kabillion.

    Your fake laughter made me really laugh.

  2. What’s a “9”? I think you mean a kabillion.

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