Woe and Misery and So Forth

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Hello to all WHATEVER.

Today I flew off my bike, writhed in pain for a few minutes, biked to my friend’s house (what would I have done without you, Karate Master!), and have ended up typing a blog entry one-handed and by the way it’s really, really hard to do a right bracket with one hand, you’ve got to stretch your whole hand across the keyboard, and I don’t even want to TRY a question mark because I fear that would end in a dislocation of the thumb so for your information this # is now a question mark. In any case, I fear the rest of the summer will be spent in misery and woe. Know why# Because I can’t play guitar with my left wrist in a cast, nor can I type with any sort of ease, nor can I bike or play catch or LIVE. I CANT EVEN LIVE. Is life even WORTH IT anymore# IS IT# IS IT###

This entry has to be kept short I’m afraid, because it’s a royal pain to type with one hand. Do you have robot-arms at your disposal# If you do, please give me one. I don’t have anything to pay you with, except gauze. Do you want some gauze# Oh, and include a flamethrower or a thing that shoots sleeping darts in my robot arm. No, both.

Hope you’re having a pleasant day, Blog-Reader (plesanter than mine, anyway), and don’t expect any lengthy blog posts in the next two or three weeks, because I simply do not have the patience and besides I have been turned into a helpless invalid. AN INVALID.

Yours truly, ~Onceabasementdog


2 comments on “Woe and Misery and So Forth

    • You could have just looked at the other side of the keyboard and used shift + question mark keys. But, I like the # It’s funnier. Think of it as an opportunity to think outside the writing box.

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