The Wonders of the MP3 Converter

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Hello to all cats curled up on chairs twitching in their sleep, snow on rooftops, and rubber bands in the shape of Yoda.
I discovered this beautiful, beautiful thing yesterday. It’s known as a Youtube to MP3 converter. Shall I explain? Well, basically, any video at all on Youtube can easily be converted into a glorious MP3 that I can put into a happy little playlist and listen to on my computer. Is it legal? Dunno. Don’t care. I’ve been in Arcade Fire bliss this morning, listening to all their unreleased demo songs… sigh…
So yeah. I also downloaded a Camera Obscura song and it’s seriously great. The name of one of their albums is ‘Underacheivers Please Try Harder.’ That made me laugh. While we’re talking about underachievers, I had a bunch of weird dreams last night, containing a really neat car with flames coming out of the wheels, and also another one of those classroom-school dreams that tend to invade my unconscious sleeping mind once in a while. In my school dream I was filling out some math questions, and then I got fed up, ran outside, and got lost in a strange factory with antelope running around as The Shins played an odd rendition of the Harry Potter theme song on a stage in the corner. I have a feeling that’s one of those dreams I’m going to have to repress.
Anyway, getting back to the MP3 converter. I’m so, so happy. I’ll never understand people who don’t like listening to music– for me it’s an essential part of existence. Finding good songs is like discovering new worlds, stepping into a black and white movie or experiencing a neat dream. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by a particularly great song– like everything by Arcade Fire, basically. I’m greatly jealous of songs that can do that to me, I wish I could write music like that.
One of those songs is King Rat by Modest Mouse. They’re the weirdest. Band. In the universe. The guy who sings sounds like he’s insane, but it’s such an AWESOME INSANITY! When I listen to that song, I feel inexpressibly happy in a crazy way.
So that MP3 converter thing is pretty darn awesome. I could listen to weird unreleased Arcade Fire songs forever.

A List Of Weird Unreleased Arcade Fire Songs I Could Listen To Forever:
1. Winter For a Year
2. Cars and Telephones
3. Sonata
4. In the Attic
5. Cold Wind

That’s all I have to say this cloudy Tuesday. I’m listening to Cars and Telephones as I watch some dark birds flying against the white, snowy afternoon sky. Ah. Bliss. ~Onceabasementdog


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